Outdoor Roller Blinds
Outdoor Roller Blinds
A great way to decorate your beautiful garden or patio, while at the same time shading you from the sun . This solution features a slimline tension-free side guide, ideal for sheltered areas around the home. The Channel Guide houses a fabric brush for smooth and quiet operation. A discreet cable guided solution, great for floor to ceiling applications. Featuring a universal bracket to fix the base of the wire guide to the floor, face or recess. Wireguide also utilises the patented Ultra-Lock for semi-automatic locking with spring and gear controls. The Straight Drop offers a simplified minimal solution which is secured at the bottom using a clip or strap. Suitable for a variety of external shade applications – sliding windows and doorways, undercover areas or outdoor eateries. The Zip has the highest fabric tension and durability. The zippers, which are welded onto the fabric, is integrated into the side channels to ensure that the fabric does not slip out of the channel. Squaring of the Zip system without the use of other profiles is possible using the double side channel. All operating systems, including manual, spring or motor operation are available for the Zip channel. The Australian designed and manufactured Zip range of straight drop awnings has the characteristics required to enhance your outdoor living areas. The Wire Guide Awning enables you to close off an area where channels are not appropriate. The wire cables are 316/marine grade stainless steel with a compact tensioner. The bottom rail can have weight added to assist in keeping the fabric taut. Several options are available to lock down the bottom rail. The Zip AutoLock enables you to close off an area where channels are not appropriate. As the fabric is set deep within the side profiles, there is little to no risk of the fabric slipping out of the channels. The Autolock function is able to be locked without the pin, by use of the hook profile. The fabric maintains its tension in heavy winds, and the system is easy to use. Furthermore, it can be effortlessly integrated into other existing structures.
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Blinds NSW - Your One Stop Destination for Getting Fair Priced Roller Blinds for Every Property In Australia, the weather is completely different. Here the summer season is scorching, and the winter season is cold, rainy, and windy. Therefore, it becomes particularly important to insulate the homes for combating the weather and saving on energy bills. The outdoor roller blinds fulfil this purpose in the best way. These blinds prevent the heat from entering through the windows and they also prevent heat loss in the winter. As a result, you can save on the cost of heating and cooling all around the year. This is one of the main reasons why more and more property owners in Australia are installing roller blinds in the outdoor areas of their properties. Besides, these blinds also keep the homes cool and shaded. It is also extremely easy to operate these blinds. So, if you want to be one of those property owners, then give us a call and we will help you to install these blinds on your property. Get reliable, modern, and streamlined blinds at the best rates: Being versatile and highly adaptable, the outdoor blinds we offer merges the sophisticated technology with different durable fabrics starting from light filtering to room darkening with different options and styles to complement your home’s design. So, whether you have a traditional property or a contemporary one, the outdoor blinds will perfectly harmonize with the decorative elements of your property. And these are also available in a wide range of fabrics and colours from which you can choose. Being a trusted professional for offering retractable outdoor blinds and roller blinds, at Blinds NSW, we care for everything when you choose us for installing outdoor blinds. We know every property is different and every property owner has some different needs. So, we always customise the products according to the exact measurement and then install those on both residential and commercial properties. We only have one point of contact for all your needs and there is no middleman margin. We consider every job equally important. So, no matter what type of outdoor roller blinds you need, we will always be happy to quote the jobs. Once you contact us, the sales consultants of our company will offer you a free no-obligation quote. And they will also talk you through the wide range of products, controls, and colours while offering you detailed advice on all the options for retractable outdoor blinds and roller shutters suited for your requirements and budgets. And once you agree to the quote, we can supply the blinds within a few business days. So, even if you need the products within a short timeframe, we can serve your requirements. Besides, all our services are backed up by years of guarantee that covers both labour and parts.
Benefits of installing outdoor roller blinds
  • Better insulation: Outdoor roller blinds save around 30% of the energy bills of your property and these keep the home comfortable preventing the heat from entering the property in summer and trapping the heat in winter.
  • Noise reduction: Installing these blinds is a great option for enjoying a noise-free environment in your home, especially if you stay beside a busy road, school, or airport. These blinds can absorb around 50% of noise.
  • Greater security: These outdoor blinds offer additional security to the properties by protecting the windows and preventing the windows from becoming the point of entry for burglars.
  • Protection from outside elements: The retractable outdoor blinds offer great UV protection for preventing the furniture and carpets from fading. Besides, these blinds also offer greater security from outside hazardous elements during high winds and severe storms.
  • Highly economical: Another reason why people prefer these blinds is that they have high longevity, and they are highly economical. So, there is no need to change these blinds every few years like curtains. Apart from that, it is amazingly easy to clean the fade-resistant fabrics of these blinds whenever they become dirty.
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