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Choose from the highest quality blinds, shutters and curtains at an affordable price.

About Us

As a young and dynamic company, our team is proficient and highly-skilled with the latest designs and innovation in the blinds industry.

From Vertical, Roller, Venetian, Zebra, Panel Glide, Plantation Shutters, Veri shades, Awnings and Curtains and much more.

Blinds NSW is an established blinds company operating in Sydney, NSW Australia. We supply and install blinds all over Sydney and nearby region.

We provide a wide range of high quality, modern and innovative blinds and rollers that can be coordinated and harmonised to create custom and personalised look.

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At Blinds NSW, we are proud of the standing that we enjoy in the industry. We are at the top of the food chain – one of the top blind companies in Sydney – and there are several reasons for the statement. We are a true-blue Australian company. All our professionals have received full training in all the ways of the industry. We also make sure that we have all the necessary insurance and verification from the various authorities so that there are no doubts about our credibility as an organisation. Most important of all, we always satisfy and impress our clients no matter what. Therefore, whenever our clients need blinds and shutters in Sydney, they cannot think of anyone else but us.

Why Do Our Clients Choose Us Over Others?
There are several reasons we are such a loved company in this industry:
  • We offer our clients the most innovative and latest window coverings in Australia.
  • We provide our clients with complimentary measure and quotes.
  • Our products are prepared using the newest technology.
  • We have a mobile showroom and a physical showroom where our clients can come and check out the products that we have lined up for them.
  • We work in such a way that we can repay the faith that our clients have shown in us.
  • We make them always feel valuable.
  • As one of the top companies in Australia, we want them to trust us for every window furnishing project.
  • Our professionals are completely reliable, thus making us one of the best blind companies in Sydney.
  • Our services are easy on their pockets.
  • We have our clients covered for all that they may need from us.
  • We offer a minimum of 12 months warranty on every product.
  • We offer extraordinary services.
  • We have a mobile showroom where our clients can come and check out the products that we have lined up for them.
  • Our expert employees can help our clients select the most appropriate products for their homes and offices.
  • We work all around the region, which means no matter where our clients are in this vast area, we could serve them.
  • Our products are decidedly better than that of our competitors.
  • We are undoubtedly one of the best blind companies in NSW.
  • Our clients have no problems with our services.
  • Our installers have a magnificent eye for detail.
  • We offer nothing but the best experience to our clients.
The Brands That We Work With

We source our products only from the best brands in the country such as:

  • Shaw
  • Acmeda
  • Texstyle
  • Zipscreen
  • Veri Shades
  • Australian Plantations
  • Alpha
  • Somfy
The Products That We Have For Our Clients

We have a comprehensive range of products for our clients. We may enumerate them as below:

  • Vertical Blinds
  • Outdoor Rollers
  • Plantation shutters
  • Zebra Blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Panel glide blinds
  • Veri Shades
  • Curtains
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Awnings

This impressive range is a major reason we people acknowledge us as a company to be reckoned with for blinds and shutters in NSW. With our products, we are always looking to bridge the gaps that exist in this market.

Why Choose Us

Mobile Display Room

We bring the showroom to you,hassle free

Always High Quality

We use only the best products,installed by qualified experts

12 Months Warranty

Your satisfaction is our goal, so we offer a minimum of 12 months warranty

Australian Owned

We are 100% Australian owned and based in NSW

We Have Happy Clients

Our clients are happy with our services:

  • We are professional, friendly, and punctual.
  • We do our work promptly without negotiating on the quality.
  • We answer all the questions they have about their blinds and shutters in NSW.
  • We do an outstanding job every time.
What Do Our Clients Need To Know About Our Business?
  • We are an established business in the region as far as the industry is concerned.
  • We install and supply window furnishings all over the capital city of New South Wales and the surrounding regions.
  • We offer the best products in the region when it comes to quality.
  • People around Australia know us for the level of contemporary appeal in our products.
  • Our clients can easily harmonise and coordinate our products to create the kind of look they want in their homes and offices.
  • We are a dynamic company filled with people who are young and passionate at heart.
  • We made our team with the most skilled and proficient professionals in the industry.
  • They know the latest trends going on in the industry.

It is because of reasons such as these that whenever our clients are looking for window treatments near me, they can think of only us.

Have we managed to earn your trust? We are all set to begin a project with you. Connect with us today on 1300-000-679 and we will surely solve your doubts and share the details of our services.

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Oktay Sahin
Came down on the same day I called them. They gave me a good run down on what blinds would suit my house.I am confident in saying they have...
Aykut Aydemir
Just finished building my new home in Neutral Bay, it's was a long process, the boys from Blinds NSW gave me a fast service for me to move in...
Viet Do
Yaz and Oz you legends. Thanks again for your services. One work to describe my experiences with your customer service "Unreal". Ill be...
Oktay Sahin
Came down on the same day I called them. They gave me a good run down on what blinds would suit my house.I am confident in saying they have...

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