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Premium Range of Shade Sails in Sydney

Blinds NSW is the most reliable company in Sydney, NSW, to provide quality Shade sails and installations. Our shade sails are highly customisable, having great value and versatility. They will add great aesthetic value to your outdoor spaces for maximum customer satisfaction. Our range of shade sails come in multiple designs, patterns, and shades. You will get them in various sizes and shapes.

Shade sails can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. They are the best and cost-effective solution that you need for protection against the harsh sun rays. When you get them designed and installed by our expert professionals, they become a reliable and durable solution for your outdoor spaces.

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What Is A Shade Sail?

Shade sails are a structure that has a custom tension membrane that can be installed permanently or can be detached. They are manufactured using high-density, UV resistant fabric that can be directly mounted to poles or be attached to any part of the building. They are the perfect and cost-effective way to cover large areas like swimming pools, playgrounds, decks, patios and even entertainment venues.

  • Shade Sail Installation: One can install them in a horizontal or an angular manner as per the need and location. As they come with a quick-release snap hook, one can easily remove the sail when not used. We provide shade sails in different shades, shapes, and densities. Our designers can also make custom designs to meet your needs. They are generally designed in square, rectangular, triangular, and hexagonal shapes. You can choose from a range of dark or light tones to provide you with optimal UV protection. One can also use them in sports complexes, community centres, commercial and industrial spaces.
  • Benefits of Shade Sails: The best part of Shade sails is their ability to offer the best protection against heat, UV rays and adverse weather conditions. With our range of Shade sails, we are sure that you can find your perfect shade sail that will meet your needs and budget. Our shade sails are made from extra strong webbing, especially around the corners, so it doesn't tear down. They are made from breathable fabrics; they are an eco-friendly solution to provide shades in your outdoor areas. Buying a thicker shade sail will provide better protection against UV rays.
  • Expert Recommendation: Our experts will recommend placing your shade sails at an angle so that they don’t hold water during heavy rains and can be removed during winters to prolong the life of your shade sails. They can easily be customised to match your outdoor decor needs. They require minimal support structures, which further reduces your cost for the installation of shade sails.

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