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Enhance Your Home’s Style And Security With Aluminium Shutters

Light yet extremely strong, aluminium shutters can protect your home from excessive daylight and heat, reducing energy bills. In winter, they prevent drafts and heat loss through windows.

They’re also a long-term investment as they retain their shape, colour and appearance for decades. Aluminium shutters, thus, offer the perfect combination of security, light control, privacy, and temperature regulation.

At Blinds NSW, we offer highly durable aluminium shutters with several customisation options, making our shutters suitable for any residential or commercial building.

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What Are Aluminum Shutters?

Aluminium shutters are also called aluminium window shutters or exterior aluminium shutters.

They are a contemporary and practical window solution that are crafted from high-quality aluminium.

Benefits of Aluminium shutters:

  • Modern: Our gorgeous shutters will lend a sleek and modern look to your space.
  • Durable: Our shutters are a wise investment as they are highly resistant to rust and wear and tear from daily use.
  • Versatile: We offer aluminium shutters in several colours and finishes, allowing you to customise them to match your home’s interior.
  • Light Control: With our easy control mechanisms, you can conveniently adjust our shutters to your desired light and privacy needs.
  • Security: In addition to their elegant appearance, our aluminium shutters enhance the security of your home by providing a strong deterrent to intruders.

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High-Quality Customisable Aluminium Louvres For your Interiors

Aluminium louvres are sleek window solutions designed to add a contemporary touch to homes and spaces. They’re available in several different styles, including vertical and horizontal slats.

Blinds NSW offers Aluminium louvres with many versatile features, different finishes and materials, sizes and more, so you can customise these window solutions to match the aesthetics of your living spaces. The best part? Our high-quality, contemporary blinds offer you maximum protection at affordable rates!

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What Are Aluminium Louvres?

Aluminium louvres are window coverings that feature vertical or horizontal slats. These louvres are highly versatile; you can opt for fixed or adjustable blinds, depending on your needs.

Advantages of using Aluminium louvres:

  • Privacy: Our Aluminium louvres offer maximum privacy while still allowing natural air and light to flow freely.
  • Energy Savings: Our Aluminium louvres can be positioned to accommodate your needs. They shield your home from direct sunlight, reduce heat loss through windows, and prevent rain and drafts from entering your home.
  • Easy Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining our aluminium louvres is stress and hassle-free. Their design and finish keep our louvres looking clean and elegant for long periods.
  • Protection from Sun Damage: By limiting direct sunlight from entering your home, our louvres prevent your curtains, upholstery, carpets and decor from fading.

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