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As the name suggests, Fly Screen and Screen Doors are windows and doors with a mesh. They've been in Australia for many years and have been mainly utilised to flies and insects from entering homes. We at Blinds NSW supply and install some of the top-quality Fly Screens and Screen Doors in Sydney and nearby areas.

We are 100% Australian owned and are based in NSW. We use the highest quality materials to make the screen meshes and frames to ensure better durability and maximum customer satisfaction.

Types Of Fly Screens That You Can Install:
  • Retractable Fly Screens:They can be installed at patios, windows, doors. When not in use, they can be retracted back via a pulley or a remote. They look discrete and can immensely improve your home value.
  • Sliding-Fixed Fly Screens:They are made in addition to sliding doors or windows.
  • Hinged Fly Screens:They are installed at a door or window side using a hinged framework. They are ideal for small apartments. Their mechanism is similar to that of a shutter and is the most cost-efficient solution of all three.

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Materials Used To Make Your Fly Screens:
  • Polyester:They are the most popular and cost-efficient mesh used to design your screens. They can be easily cleaned and are best used in residential spaces.
  • Stainless Steel:They provide you with a strong and secure mesh. Best for security doors of a business. With the help of powder coating, they can be customised with the colour of your choice.
  • Aluminium:They are the latest addition to meshes and can be used as stainless-steel alternatives. They are exceptionally durable and do not rust.
Screen Doors Are Also Available In Multiple Shapes, Size, And Designs:
  • A barn-Style screen door with its large opening can ensure maximum entry of light and breeze.
  • A Pantry Screen Door ideal for small kitchens.
  • Similarly, Pivoting Screen Doors, Decorative screen doors, Nursery Screen Doors, French Screen Doors and Classic Screen Doors are some other variants that you can choose from.
Benefits Of Choosing A Fly Screen Or Screen Door:
  • They help keep insects away:Be it flies, mosquitoes, pests, and insects away from entering your homes.
  • Provides Additional Security:It can stop any unwanted access to your homes and prevent burglary attacks.
  • Help keep your children Safe:It prevents kids from entering spaces that they are not supposed to without any adult supervision.
  • Providing decent privacy:Using a black mesh can make it difficult for someone to see or peek inside, especially from a distance.
  • Add elegant Styles:With the help of modern options, choosing aluminium or wooden design, one can find their perfect fittings that will add appeal to your homes. Custom colours can also be used to match your screens with your decors.
  • Energy Saving options:Compared to a traditional window or door, fly screens or screen doors allow additional light to enter your spaces, which helps you save using electric lights. Also, with good ventilation, using fans is reduced.
  • Maintain the view:If you have any scenic view outside your homes, using a flyscreen or a screen door will help you keep your view intact.

Install all new and advanced Fly Screens or Screen Doors at your places only from Blinds NSW. We assure you that we provide the best quality products at the most affordable rates. We also offer you a 12-month warranty on our products and services. Contact us today on 1300-000-NSW (679) or email us at to buy your next Flyscreens and Screen Doors in Sydney.

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