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Increase the Value of Your Property by Installing Simple to Operate Awnings

Installing an outdoor awning is the best solution that provides shade and controls heat in and around the outdoor areas of the home. And the awnings also work as a practical solution to the vulnerable weather conditions of Double Bay. So, if you want to install awnings to protect the exterior areas of your properties from the harmful effects of the sun, we can help you to get the right awning installed as per your preference and need.

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Get the best quality awnings from us at the best rates:

At Blinds NSW, we have years of experience in supplying and installing different types of awnings. And this experience helps us to offer the services to our valued customers, which are the best in terms of quality and affordability. Besides, we keep refining the designs and styles of awnings continuously, it helps us improve the selection of materials and the design details to offer awnings, which even work in the most extreme environment.

This experience also allows us to design customized solutions for our clients that meet their needs and lifestyle. And we only ask the experts of our company to install these awnings, which ensure those can stand the test of time.

If you are confused about choosing a retractable or any other variant of the awning, we can help you in selecting the right type of awning that works best for your property. Overall, there are almost limitless options from which you can select, and our experience makes a great difference. Just give us a call to learn more about how the awnings can enhance the overall look of your property while managing the winter and summer sun.

Irrespective of your awning requirements, our team of experts will work with you following your space, needs, and budget to ensure that the awnings you get are the best fit for your property in Double Bay. Here we are committed to offering the best quality materials in every awning installation project. Therefore, more and more commercial properties like hotels, restaurants, cafes, and private residences choose us to get awnings installed in their properties.

Features of the awnings we offer:
  1. Easy one-person operation
  2. Freedom to select a mesh, canvas, and privacy fabric that offer premium insulation and UV protection benefits.
  3. Availability of different arm sizes
  4. Top-quality awning hoods to offer complete protection from harsh sun rays, and moisture, and dust when the awning is stowed away.
  5. Flexibility to place the awnings at any height.
  6. Flexibility to angle the awning easily to optimise airflow on warm days while offering shade.
  7. Use of top-quality hardware to ensure ease of operation and great longevity.
  8. Use of zinc plated side, which ensures resistance against corrosion.

Who do people choose for our awnings?

  • We use imported quality products for offering awnings: We procure all the awning materials from the most reputable manufacturers and then install the awnings so that the harsh sunlight, heavy rain, and moisture cannot break those down. And the awnings continue to protect the outdoor areas of your property year after year.
  • Precise manufacturing and unparalleled ease of use: Every awning we offer is manufactured accurately, which ensures functional superiority even after years of use. And we always use the latest technology for using the awning. For example, moving the bottom bar of the awning towards the window or wall releases the locking mechanism. Then the awning can be raised into the preferred position and can be swung out to lock.
  • Colorbond canopies to get more life from the awnings: We offer colorbond canopies to fit the awnings that protect the fabric when the awnings are not in use. And this also extends the life of awnings vastly. The awning bars' clever designs also ensure that the bottom valance can be stowed away easily while keeping the awnings out of the weather and cleaner.

Transform your living space with Blinds NSW so you can enjoy it all. Call us at 1300-000-NSW (679) to find how we can help you with a suitable awning for your double bay property.

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