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Get Hold Of The Finest Blinds At Dover Heights

We at Blinds NSW are a trusted name for window coverings in the region Dover heights. This is our area of speciality. We always explore our potential clients to come and explore the magnificent range that we have created for them. Our products are functional and modern. They can make any room beautiful. Therefore, we are the top name for blinds at Dover Heights.

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Our range of products

We offer the following products:
  • vertical blinds
  • plantation shutters
  • roller blinds
  • Veri shades
  • Venetian blinds
  • outdoor rollers
  • zebra blinds
  • panel glide blinds
  • curtains
  • awnings

So, as our clients can see for themselves, they would get all that they want from us in these cases.

The importance of proper measurement in such work

It is but common knowledge that one way to get the best window coverings for one’s home is to get the proper measurement. It does not matter what kind of product our clients want. Measurement is always going to play a critical role. This is how we go about such work:

  • We know that every property where we work has window measurements in its plan.
  • However, they may not always be the most precise options for us.
  • Therefore, we always get our measurements when our clients call us to install roller blinds at Dover Heights.

  • We do this even when we are working on window coverings for two similar windows.
  • We always prefer to measure them separately.
  • We also cross-check our measurements to ensure complete accuracy.
  • We hire experts to do such work.
  • This, in turn, helps us provide our clients with the best-motorised blinds at Dover Heights and satisfying them completely.

A few words on our warranty

  • We want our clients to always make informed choices.
  • Therefore, we offer minimum warranties of 12 months on all our blinds.
  • We buy our products from the leading brands of Australia that use the best materials and technology to make these products.
  • Therefore, we are so confident about the quality of our products.
The brands that we work with
Following are the brands from which we get our products such as motorised blinds:
  • SHAW Performance Fabrics
  • Ultra20 SHUTTERS
  • Veri SHADES
  • SafeLift
The benefits of our products
Following are the benefits that our products such as zebra blinds provide to our clients:
  • They offer them additional privacy.
  • They insulate the rooms where we place them the best.
  • They can serve various purposes.
  • They are suitable for various occasions.
  • They are unique products – something that makes the best of their ilk too.
  • These are some reasons our clients call us whenever they require blinds for their homes and offices.

So, with such well-known brands and high quality, you can see for yourself that investing in our products is worth it.

We offer the best prices

  • We have perhaps the finest prices for these products
  • We are sure that our clients would be hard-pressed to find better quality at the same price anywhere else.

Therefore, we are the most popular choice in the region for roller blinds.

Our installation work is second to none

Following are some reasons this is the case:
  • We have a team of experienced and trained professionals to do the work.
  • Thanks to these factors, they can offer a level of perfection and quality that cannot be matched, let alone bettered.
  • Our technicians are completely professional in the way they go about such work.
  • They have the latest tools and technology to do such work.
  • They believe in proactive and fast delivery of services.
  • They never compromise with the quality of their work and so they install the motorised blinds as well as they do.

We help our clients

We help our clients save a lot of time and money with the way we work. Our clients know that too. They know that our zebra blinds are a lot better than the cheaper and less efficient products that abound in the market. We are indeed the best name for such products in the region. For enquiry send us an email at and call us at 1300-000-NSW (679).

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