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Are you looking for the best blinds in Point Piper? Are you in search of reliable and reputed roller blinds? Well, your search would end here. We are Blinds NSW- a reliable and reputed name in the blinds industry. We have been in this field for years and successfully catered to the demand and requirements of thousands of houses and offices. From different kinds and varieties of blinds that include awnings, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, plantation shutters, sheer curtains, custom-made curtains and blinds, and zebra blinds, explore the products at our store today!!

Blinds NSW

Easy to Install, Quality Blinds

Bank on us on blinds quality. Our market observation included citing people facing hassles in installing blinds. Therefore, we made this aspect hassle-free by designing modern, sleek-looking, sophisticated, designer blinds that could be installed without any problem. We have also included in our stock some of the exclusive products that can add a different zeal to the ambience of your office or house. We, at Blinds NSW, leave no stone unturned in offering the much-required peace of mind for cost-effectiveness.

Blinds NSW by your Side- Now & Forever

One of the unique propositions of our services is that we are with our customers, ALWAYS. Well, we believe in customer satisfaction and hence, each of the experts working in different fields takes all measures to meet the requirements and expectations of the consumers. They ensure that each of the consumers they deal with is 100% satisfied with not only the product but also the services- installation & demonstration.

Apart from this, we care for each consumer- from the first till date and the interested ones as well. Therefore, we can make a market presence with our variety of blinds in Point Piper. If you are looking for some of the best blinds, get in touch with us. We are your one-stop centre for blinds for residence and office.

Why Choose Us?

We, at Blinds NSW, have developed the business in such a way that none of the interested buyers of blinds returns without purchasing. We, even in Point Piper, maintain a huge stock that comprises blinds of all kinds- modern, stylish, sleek, contemporary, and whatnot. We make sure that irrespective of the blind you choose, the windows get a star, and the interior of the house gets a much deserving look.

Apart from this, the following are some of the other reasons why choosing us would be the best decision for you:
  • Blinds are Australian owned meaning you would be getting what you have been looking for comfort-wise.
  • 12 months of warranty on all the products providing you with the much-required peace of mind while purchasing.
  • DIY custom made blinds that are delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia free of cost.
  • Opportunity to save up to 80% on the purchase of awnings, blinds, curtains.
  • An expert team offering guidance and recommendation.
  • Unmatched quality at the best price
Why Blinds?

Blinds are not new to human beings. Perhaps we are seeing a new avatar to this. But these have been in use since ancient times when wet clothes were used on windows to keep the space cool apart from dirt and dust-free. The design changed over the years and demand gave rise to the birth of different kinds of blinds- from roller blinds, Venetian blinds, awnings to zebra blinds, motorised blinds, and curtains. At Point Piper, you would get to see different kinds based on the choice and functionality. What remains common to all these is the same functionality and purpose. Blinds offer a comfortable living by obstructing the sun’s rays and harmful radiations.

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We are your one-stop centre for all kinds of blinds. Call 1300-000-NSW (679) for more details on the kinds of blinds we have for you. We are always ready to help you. We also offer cost-effective installation of the blinds.

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