Affordable Motorised Blinds in Coogee

Motorised blinds are a recent invention that provides elegance and convenience at a reasonable price for the consumer. Even though they stand for a significant advancement in the world of window furnishings, motorised blinds are extremely fast and simple to install. An additional advantage for family homes is that they are totally kid safe.

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And because of this innovative, simple technology, you will never have to get up from your chair again to open or shut your blinds; motorised blinds allow you to control how much daylight enters your house while maintaining your privacy, all with the press of a button. Motorised blinds are something that Blinds NSW has a great deal of expertise and experience in, along with thousands of satisfied customers across the region of Coogee. We also have multiple options available, as well as the possibility of operating your blinds from your with just a click of a button.

As part of the process for your motorised blinds, we install a powered motor in the headrail, which will be entirely hidden from view. When used with the remote we provide with your blind, you will be able to set a top and bottom limit as well as stop the blind at any point in the centre, allowing just the right amount of light into your house.

Blinds NSW supplies all kinds of motorised blinds, which are available on all blinds with no maximum width or height limitations and may be used for connected blinds. Our motorised blinds are fitted in the same manner as a standard roller blind. You can easily get your motorised blind installation done by our team of specialists after your purchase. They will also give you some basic instructions for setting your motorised blind so that the top and bottom limits may be adjusted. The following are some of the advantages of Blinds NSW’s motorised blinds:


It is possible to adjust your motorised blinds to whatever position you want with the easy push of a button. You may also include sensors and timers into your goods to ensure that they continue to function even while you are not at home.

Energy Efficient Design

Reducing your energy consumption may be accomplished by limiting the amount of heat and light that enters your house. Keep your house cool in the summer by reflecting the intense heat of the sun, but let the sun enter your home during the winter to benefit from natural warmth and light throughout the winter.

Increased Lifespan

Manual operation may cause damage to blind and curtains if used with too much force or in an incorrect manner. The smooth and regulated functioning of our motorised blinds guarantees optimum functionality while also extending the product's life expectancy and durability.


Cords and chains that are too loose may be a hazard for small children. Blinds NSW’s motorised blinds eliminate the usage of cables and chains to a very minimum, allowing you to enjoy more peace of mind while creating a safer environment for your children.

Quiet and Unobtrusive

Our industry-leading motors are completely hidden inside the blind's tube. With a single touch of the remote button, you will be able to relax and amaze your visitors with a sophisticated automatic blind system that is both silent and smart.

To open or shut your blinds, take a seat in the comfort of your chair, and relax. Motorised blinds allow you to control the amount of light that enters your house while still maintaining your privacy, all with the press of a single button.

The crew at Blinds NSW has a great deal of expertise with motorised blinds. We have been servicing the Coogee region for years and can get to your service as quickly as possible. For more information about motorised or automatic blinds, contact us at 1300-000-NSW (679).

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