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Upgrade to the New Motorised Blinds in Eastern Suburbs

Motorised blinds are the most convenient and simple to use of the many options available. Using a remote control, you can open or close your blinds, while a quiet and well-hidden motor does the heavy lifting behind the scenes. In addition to a variety of fabric, colour, and specification selections, automatic opening and shutting are also available. Using Blinds NSW’s motorised blinds, you may enjoy the utmost in comfort, elegance, and refinement. Our design is stunning, there are no cables or complicated installations required, and you have full control over their functioning through a remote device.

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The motors for our motorised blinds are concealed inside the tube of the blind, making them entirely indistinguishable from the blind itself. Additionally, they do not need any extra approval. This has resulted in the ability to motorise all the blinds in our collection, whether you're looking for blackout or thermal shades, sunscreen blinds, light filtering shades, or dual roller blinds.

What We Do Throughout the Installation Process

Our motorised blinds are available for all types of blind installations, and they are carried out by our own consultants at Blinds NSW all across the Eastern Suburbs. Taking advantage of the no-obligation measure and quote service at your house begins with a free consultation appointment, during which we will examine your needs as well as the many choices accessible to you. As part of our service, we'll measure your windows and offer you a free, no-obligation estimate.

The installation of your motorised blinds will be done by our professional installation crews that have years of expertise. They will also demonstrate to you how the blinds work and all the many settings that are available. Once you have installed your automated blinds, we will give you all the required information on how to program them once they have been installed.

In addition to the advantages of conventional roller blinds, motorised blinds provide a number of additional advantages:

Low Noise Level and Ease of Operation

The motors in our motorised blinds are incredibly quiet, and you will hardly be able to detect their presence while they are in operation. Furthermore, it couldn't be simpler to open or shut your blinds - all you must do is click a button.

Setting in Which You Like to Spend Your Time

It is typical for people to have a preferred position for their blinds, which is somewhere in the middle between open and closed. Motorised blinds allow you to program the system to remember a certain position, making it accessible to you at the press of a button when you need it.

A Variety of Control Combinations Available

If you have several blinds in a room or across your home, you may program them to operate using a variety of different control combinations to suit your needs. You may program multiple channels into the remote-control system.

A Streamlined Appearance

Our motorised blinds do not need working chains or safety chain tensioners, as do many other types of blinds. Your blinds will seem even more sleek and streamlined if you do not include these components. The fabric of the blinds will be the only thing you'll be able to see.

We know that you are busy, so we will get straight to the point. We’ve been in business for over the years and have installed motorised blinds at homes all throughout Eastern Suburbs. Our experience has taught us exactly what it takes to deliver a product that is both beautiful and functional. Our team would love nothing more than to help you find the perfect solution for your home, so contact them today at 1300-000-NSW (679)!

Booking a no-obligation meeting with a member of our staff is the first step in getting things started.

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