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Plantation Shutters are one of the most popular choices for windows. The most distinguishing factor of plantation shutters is their large louvre size, typically 3.5 to 4.5 inches, which provides the room with an elegant look. Blinds NSW is one of the leading providers of plantation shutters in Greenacre that has been providing high-quality plantation shutters for a wide variety of applications at affordable prices. Over the years, Plantation Shutters have become extremely popular in warm states in Australia, particularly in Greenacre. An important advantage of using Plantation Shutter is that while these appear like blinds, the shutters are fitted to the window frame which can be opened like a door. The shutters can be made from a wide variety of materials. Different types of Plantation Shutter blinds that we supply are:
  • Vinyl / PVC Plantation Shutters – On account of their affordable costs, variety, range of colors and designs, Vinyl or PVC plantation shutters are one of the most used types of Plantation Shutters. The main advantage of using a PVC blind for a plantation shutter is low maintenance cost. Such shutters are weather resistant and can also withstand moisture easily. PVC being easy to bend, different options in terms of designs are possible for the Vinyl shutters.
  • Wood Plantation Shutters – If you want to get premium plantation shutters for your house that offer not only style and design but also high strength, you should opt for Wood Plantation Shutters. At Blinds NSW, we can hone wood in customised shapes and sizes depending on your requirement to add style to your house for many more years to come.
  • Composite Plantation Shutters – Composite Wood plantation shutter is a low-cost alternative to using wooden shutters. A composite shutter is made of engineered wood made using a combination of PVC, MDF, and coatings. These are extremely sturdy and weather resistant.
What makes Blinds NSW one of the preferred suppliers of Plantation Shutter in the Greenacre region is our commitment to high service levels. Our designers are experts in the field of Plantation Shutters. Once you call them for consultation, the range of suggestions and the mix and match options that they come up with is unparalleled in the region. The options that our experts suggest are something you would have never thought about before. You can have a perfect blend of style, ventilation, and privacy using our Plantation Shutters.
Some benefits that Plantation Shutters from Blinds NSW offer are:
  • A perfect blend of light control and ventilation – The design of our plantation shutters is such that you get the right amount of sunlight through the openings and at the same time allow air to move inside and outside the room easily. The adjustable nature of the shutters allows you to let the right amount of light and ventilation in your room.
  • Energy Efficiency – At Blinds NSW, we lay a greater emphasis on energy efficiency. All our plantation shutters are so designed in terms of material and thickness that they reduce heat loss and improve the energy efficiency of your rooms. During summer, the shutters prevent outside hot air from entering the room by acting as a barrier, while during winters, shutters keep the cold air outside.
  • Beautify room and Privacy – Since the shutters can be closed completely, the plantation shutters cover the window's entire surface thereby providing privacy to your room when required. At the same time, the shutters match the room décor in terms of style, design, and colors. We offer plantation shutters that are plain or stained in all colors right from white to dark shades as per the room décor.
  • You can either choose from amongst the variety of plantation shutters from our brochure/web page or ask for a customised shutter depending on your preference. If you are looking at reducing your electricity costs, protect yourself from harsher weather, and are looking to beautify your house using plantation shutters in the Greenacre region, call us immediately at 1300-000-679 or email us at sales@blindsnsw.com.au. to help you out find the perfect match for residential and commercial needs at the most affordable prices. Also, get free quotes and measurements done from our experts.
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